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Hello! I will tell you a bit about myself here. My self-inquiry journey began in 2005 with the  question "Who am I?". Following this thread of curiosity has lead me to research what all the great scientific minds in alchemy, art, new age, philosophy, psychology, and religion had to say about my inquiry. Along the way I picked up many answers and even more questions about the inner workings of human consciousness.

I've studied under world-renowned teachers, and garnered multi-cultural healing modalities. Some of my most impactful teachers are Mastering Alchemy's Jim Self, Darryl Anka's Bashar, and St. Germain's Ascended Master Instructions. I've held workshops in Los Angeles at The Love Dome, RA MA Institute, The Aura Shop, The BE Hive, and co-hosted over 75 group meditation circles with The Rise.

I am actively participating in my own Ascension process, and doing the inner work required to embody higher states of consciousness. I welcome you to use me as a resource to progress your own goals and spiritual development. All of the clients who come to me with specific goals achieve them after a relatively short period of time. I have made many mistakes along the way, and can help you to not make the same ones that I did. The Ascension path is challenging, and having an alchemist's perspective in your life will help.

What I Specialize In

Personalized Manifestation Plan

Clearing the Cause of Stress & Trauma

Individual Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Crystal Reiki Attunement

Blinding Diamonds

The journey of Ascension begins with the desire to better yourself, to know yourself, and to master yourself. Start your journey today.

Honest and practical advice given, which is much appreciated. Needed this tool in my toolbox! It's a tough pill to swallow when you have to admit that you are the one attracting circumstances that appear to be negative. Ascension Alchemist delivered his message with love and for my highest good , and for that I am grateful. ❤️❤️❤️

- Trish

The Ascension Alchemist is so very, very awesome! His responses are detailed and genuine. He has a warmth about him that makes me feel as if he truly cares about me and my situation. I have tried out several other coaches and I would recommend him above anyone else by a LONG SHOT. Try him out. He is definitely worth your time.

- Chasity

Wow!!!!! I cannot say enough about my session with Ascension Alchemist. I learned so much about what to do energetically in this situation, and what I needed

to change. His advice and clarification was amazing . Def Highly Recommend ✨⭐️✨😊✨ Thanks so much !

- Lauren

  • We will discuss your intentions, and how I can help you achieve them.

    15 min

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