What Is Ascension Coaching?

An advanced form of spiritual science to embodying your Higher Self.

Stage 1: Healthy Ego

The first stage begins with setting up mental, emotional, and physical stability in every major area of your life. We begin by systematically identifying and transforming the biggest pain points in your relationships, career, and self image. We must create harmony and stability in your psyche and physical life, so we can have a solid foundation to work with for Stage 2.

This process involves clearing limiting beliefs about yourself, detaching from obsessive behaviors, and neutralizing traumatic memories from having power over you. As each mental, emotional, and physical imbalance is dealt with, you will notice a foundation of inner peace being actualized step by step. This self mastery is what will allow you to sustain a major shift in consciousness if you desire to continue on beyond this stage.

Vitruvian Man.jpg

Stage 2: Light Body

Once a healthy ego is developed, we can focus on the more advanced levels of Ascension Alchemy. The intent here is to build a personal power field that can sustain the consciousness of the Light Body. This is a major shift of identity from character to Presence. Your character is limited to human consciousness, while the Light Body is one with the infinite creative powers of All That Is.

To build the Light Body we must install the MerKaBa around the physical body, which acts as an antenna and containment field for refined thought forms and emotional patterns. We will also need to unify the chakra system, and connect it with the higher chakras above the crown (8-14). It will also be important to circulate light through the axiatonal lines of the body, and enhance the brain and main systems of the physical body. All this and more is necessary to anchor the Light Body consciousness into the physical human form.

Stage 3: Rainbow Body

Once the Light Body is anchored within you and energetically takes hold as your multi-dimensional identity, then you will have an opportunity to create the legendary Rainbow Body. With the infinite love, wisdom, and power now available at your disposal, you can actually begin to transform the physical body from a carbon to crystalline based structure. This means raising the physical body consciousness, so it can act as your multi-dimensional vehicle without the linear limitations of spacetime.


The Rainbow Body is the result of maintaining a constant frequency of unconditional love. It is a legendary state of being that very few humans have achieved in our recorded history. This third stage continues to refine the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies until every thought, emotion, and action is mastered. It makes you unshakeable in the love frequency, where no trigger can reach you. With it you can easily shape physical reality like a lucid dream.