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1 Appointment: $165 / 90 min
4 Appointments: $495 / 1 Free

Enhance & Develop

Your Relationships


Follow Your Excitement

Command Your Energy,

Expand Your Personal Power, & Presence

Know Thyself &

Build Your Light Body

Connect With Your Higher Self, Soul,

Over-Soul, & God

Release Negative Repeating Patterns

& Energy Blocks

Discover Inner Peace,

Enjoy Each Moment,

& Remain Content

What do you intend to

change within yourself?

Ascension Coaching:

Hello! Are you interested in exploring who you are at a deeper and more accelerated level? Would your life be easier and more enjoyable if you resolved a negative repeating pattern? What is the Light Body, and how can you level up your character beyond what you currently believe possible?

What Is Being Offered:
  • Clear Negative Repeating Patterns

  • Transform Your Challenges Into Strengths

  • Discover Your Indestructible Core Self

  • Understand The Law of Love

  • Become Complete Peace

  • Create With Intention

  • Bless Your Life

  • Be Happy

We don't see what we don't see, because we are too caught up in our own story. I'm here to be your objective mirror, and help you create clarity in your belief systems. Once you shift your perspective on how you're relating to your repeating challenge, everything will change. I'm here to help you untangle the confusion, and get really clear on what you want so you can easily act on it. The biggest challenge is to become crystal clear on who you are and what you want. The rest is easy.

If working with me one-on-one interests you, please fill out the form below so I will have some background about your story. Each appointment is approximately 90 minutes, and we can meet via Skype or in-person in Los Angeles. Schedule your appointment via PayPal below. I will email you shortly after. Thank you, and I sincerely look forward to helping you create more freedom in your life.

1 Appointment: $165 / 90 min
4 Appointments: $495 / 1 Free