A shift in perspective is all it takes for everything to change.

Enhance & Develop

Your Relationships


Follow Your Excitement

Command Your Energy,

Expand Your Personal Power, & Presence

Know Thyself &

Build Your Light Body

Connect With Your Higher Self, Soul,

Over-Soul, & God

Release Negative Repeating Patterns

& Energy Blocks

Discover Inner Peace,

Enjoy Each Moment,

& Remain Content

Are you willing to dive

deeper into the unknown?


After having Maksim speak at 2 of our events, watching him lead countless Rise meetings, and attending his alchemy workshop it is clear to see a wise soul who has spent thousands of hours immersing himself in ancient teachings and universal concepts infusing it into everything he does. Outside of a strong coach, he has been a great friend empowering all those around him to harness their inner light. He's given hundreds of genuine LA transplants a family through The Rise and even more people around the world inner peace through Indigo Minute, which are his daily text message reminders to connect the planet through unified intention. Whether it's speaking or coaching, Maksim will definitely leave a life long impression that will push you towards your greatest truths and beyond.


Virtual Reality Event Producer 


Maks has been one of my closest friends for over a decade and he's one of the biggest influences in supporting and guiding me to follow my true passions in life. Maks has an extremely rare ability to connect to people on a level beyond just basic conversation and can look deeper into your soul. He has a certain aura around him that brings calmness to you as he radiates constant positivity and good energy. Maks' love, his knowledge of self, and his intentions are always 100% true and pure. His friendship to me is priceless and I'm forever grateful to have him by my side along life's journey!


Singer, Producer, & Songwriter



Maksim holds a powerfully stable vibration of loving presence. In crashing waves, ebb and flow or pulling tides, he is centred and steady in love. His strength and stability in that peacefulness in the face of anything, means he is able to hold the light and the space for others to step into. Whether that be for clarity, healing, guidance or enjoyment. He is the light, holding the light and the space, whenever you are ready to step into it, embody it and be empowered by it. Thank you for being you Maksim.


Personal Coach


Maks is brilliant at working with and integrating light body technologies. His harmony with structure and knowledge of many modalities incites magick. Maks is on the leading edge of consciousness as a white wizard holding and spreading unconditional unity and love.


Brand Strategy & Communications Consultant


Maksim is next level! Upon meeting him at The Rise last year, I was instantly impressed by his mastery of the understanding of consciousness and the manifestation of dreams into the physical world. Our conversations bring immense joy, confidence, clarity and connection. He is one of those rare gems who truly embodies his work and is incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge with all those around him. He is a special soul passionate to awaken and heal the planet, and I highly recommend anyone who is needing guidance to speak to Maksim. He is a true wizard, and master of his work.


Founder of Thyroid Yoga & Ajai Organic Beauty



Maks has helped develop mine, and many others' spiritual sides, just by simply sharing his knowledge. His energy and passion for the content is inspiring to channel within yourself and he always has an analogy or example that relates to an issue you're going through. I still go to him today for some of my life's deepest stresses and his guidance has meant wonders in pushing me through.


Gowhere You Love Co-Founder


Maks is an amazing life coach which helps me find my inner path. He clears up the vision when there is fog on the journey to the ultimate path. I can honestly say he had helped me find my legend in life. Positive energy always my brother.


Branding Mogul & Product Developer