"In my previous life I was Carl Jung."
"Why the similarity? When you die, your Soul still contains the configuration of your DNA, so when the Soul enters a new fetus, it programs the DNA of the fetus with the previous configuration. Also, people travel in "Soul Groups" so one will most likely connect with people in one's present life that one had been connected to in previous lives."  — Wynn Free
"The Soul returns to Earth in a body similar to its last one,
and has similar talents and inclinations." — Plato

Bashar :: Highlights from The 33rd Parallel

For a more on Soul transference check out Bashar's 33rd Parallel and Pin Chart Diagram.

3-Year Old Remembers Past Life

and Identifies His Murderer

Young Boy Is Reincarnated World War II Pilot James Leininger

5-Year Old White Boy Lived Past Life

As A Black Woman

The Soul is eternal and takes on different avatar bodies each lifetime for the purpose of evolving humanity during critical periods of evolution. It chooses the environment and circumstances that will best suit its ability to fulfill that lifetime's chosen mission. Due to the density of the collective consciousness it has been very challenging for any Soul to maintain the awareness of it's multidimensional mastery in the physical body. The ancient alchemists knew that through the raising of their own consciousness, they could transform their projected physical body into a self sustainable living light body. In short, we can all create a bodily vehicle that does not have an expiration date except for the one we choose.
Ascension is the raising of our frequency into greater levels of unity consciousness. By expanding your sense of self into wider concentric circles of identity, you can then utilize the creative powers of that expanded identity. What you put your attention on, you become. Ascension alchemy is using your own consciousness to transform yourself from the inside out. We must build the ship that will take us to new horizons. This exploration of this transformation is my passion, and my gift to you.


Maksim has over a decade of experience in the field of Alchemy and the transformation of Self. He has completed a 5-year initiation process of weekly Light Body activations through the Mastering Alchemy program curated by Jim Self. The tools, techniques, and Light Body activations are directly taught by the Archangels and Ascended Masters who are channeled by Joan Walker. This is a pathway that has never been walked before...
Maksim has garnered a vast wisdom of additional healing modalities and tools for self transformation from many teachings past and present. Some favorites include Bashar,
The I Am Teachings, and Kundalini Yoga.

Maksim has become an expert at exploring the inner world, and is

an experienced guide for others. His guided meditations create massive transformations in both your psyche and physical body. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.

He has learned all about crystals and their healing properties from the Aura Shop in Santa Monica. They are great tools for clearing our Auric Field of any unwanted psychic energies that block our Self love. They align us with higher states of consciousness by their innate resonance properties.

Tarot is a powerful tool for self reflection. Directly from our own inner teacher, the cards we pick tell a story and give us clarity on what we are not consciously aware of. Maksim's deck of choice is the Voyager Tarot, which was taught to him by James Wanless and Shelley Warren.


Maksim is in the leading edge of the consciousness expansion community in Los Angeles. He regularly participates in leading workshops, guiding group meditations, speaking on stages, and sharing tools & techniques for Self transformation.


I Am inspired to create energetic templates that raise the collective consciousness of humanity, because I recognize that I Am One with it. Aside from a deeper knowing of Self, my highest passions are planetary liberation, world peace, and abundance for all. My current projects aim to unify the cultural engineers, artists, musicians, and creatives under one umbrella to inspire the world to work together towards a common mission of creating Heaven on Earth.

Maksim is the creator of Indigo Minute. He writes and sends a 3:33 text with a positive message every day.

The intention is to unify all the earthly masters, and through the power of unified thought shift the world into greater peace and abundance for all. 

Maksim is a part of the Love Squad, the leadership team for The Rise. We are a collective of powerful creators that meet every Thursday night to expand our consciousness and hold space for each other.

Maksim is the co-founder of Gowhere Hip Hop. An online music hip hop blog that covers new music releases, and conducts exclusive artist interviews and concert recaps. Collectively we have connected with hundreds of celebrities and reached millions of people promoting our slogan of "Gowhere You Love".


Maks is an amazing life coach which helps me find my inner path. He clears up the vision when there is fog on the journey to the ultimate path. I can honestly say he had helped me find my legend in life. Positive energy always my brother.


Branding Mogul, Product Development


Maksim holds a powerfully stable vibration of loving presence. In crashing waves, ebb and flow or pulling tides, he is centred and steady in love. His strength and stability in that peacefulness in the face of anything, means he is able to hold the light and the space for others to step into. Whether that be for clarity, healing, guidance or enjoyment. He is the light, holding the light and the space, whenever you are ready to step into it, embody it and be empowered by it. Thank you for being you Maksim.


Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist, Singer, Model