"The complete human being is never visible. 
He is indescribable, and a
a mystical experience."

Our physical body is not just flesh and bone. I know it appears that way, but in actuality there are many levels to it. The physical is just a reflection of the mental, emotional, etheric, and spiritual layers of who you are. We all have what's called an auric field, which is our energy body that holds our beliefs and gives off our day to day vibe. This energy body of ours is very sensitive, and without knowing how to manage it, we as empaths can take on a lot of the world's energies that do not serve us. This negative energy that we are faced with in our daily environment slowly accumulates in our field, and can create psychic blocks that prevent us from living our life to the fullest. They trick us into thinking that these blocks are inherently who we are, but I can assure you they were never ours to begin with!


Most of us take showers to clean our physical body, but many of us do not take the time to clear our energy body. Through the use of crystal alchemy I can help you clear your energy field of all the psychic gunk and negative attachments that may have gotten stuck to you in your day to day. Not only that, but I'd be happy to share a few tools of how you can do this regularly on your own too.

What Is The Process Like?
  • Conversation and tarot reading to reveal the fundamental energy blocks and their corresponding chakras. 
  • Crystal Grid layout on your body with specific crystals to you.
  • Hands-on Reiki work on your energy body and chakras.
  • Light guided meditation, I Am Presence healing affirmations, and open back-and-forth dialogue during the process.  
How Will Energy Healing Help Me?
  • Release anxiety and remove stress from the body and mind.
  • Cut psychic cords with relationships that no longer serve you.
  • Heal trauma from domestic violence, sexual abuse, & betrayal.
  • Clear subtle emotional injuries such as parental rejection, shaming, over control, or neglect.
  • Neutralizes assault & imprisonment trauma, energetic boundary violations, and psychic attacks.
  • Alleviate physical traumas like car accidents, sports injuries, and slip-and-fall injuries.
  • Deprogram past life trauma passed down from ancestors.
How Will I Feel Afterwards?
  • The feeling of a foreign weight or block being lifted.
  • Inner bliss, love, and compassion are naturally enhanced.
  • Life becomes integrated, complete, and self-sustaining.
  • Energy regeneration, safety, and protection from within.
  • Freedom and independence from outer influences.
  • Experience a burst of creativity, intelligence, and energy.