"Who you are is limited only
by who you think you are."

Everything you see is made of consciousness, it is the One Thing that all form is made of… including you! Since we are One with this energy, we are capable of shaping it and ourselves into anything we choose. We do this all the time with the business projects we create, relationships we manifest, and the dreams we turn into our reality. But what if I told you that your physical body can be the artistic medium that you shape, instead of some product or project? We've all seen scientific studies of how meditation can calm the mind, and actually make physical changes in our brain. Well…

what I'm about to tell you is not frequently talked about in the new age movement… because honestly not many spiritual guides have the audacity to believe that they can transform their physical carbon-based body, into a crystalline body of living light. 

You see the Soul is eternal, and takes on a different avatar body each lifetime. It chooses the environment and circumstances that will best suit

its ability to fulfill that lifetime's chosen mission. Due to the density of the collective consciousness, it has been very challenging for any Soul to maintain the awareness of it's multidimensional mastery in the physical body. Meaning the current template for the human body is not Self-sustainable. We are forced to die, and incarnate over and over again. Our bodily template is not hyper-conductive, our cells deteriorate, and we rely

on outer energy sources to keep us going. 

However the ancient alchemists knew that through the raising of their own awareness, and their reconnection to Source, they could transform their projected physical body into a Self-sustainable Living Light Body. In short, we all have the opportunity to create a bodily vehicle that does not have an expiration date, except for the one we choose.

Ascension alchemy is the conscious use of your creative imagination to transform yourself from the inside out. By consciously shaping the One Thing that you are, you will make a quantum leap into a new multidimensional way of being. Just like there are precise steps to building a fast new car or a beautiful big house, it is the same with building your Light Body. I know that this may sound a little "out there", but in reality it's just physics. The accelerated and practical step by step instructions to building your Light Body were only revealed in the past 10 years by the Archangels and Ascended Masters. This is brand new information that is unlike anything that you've read before! So with all that said, I invite you to follow the white rabbit, and really see how deep the rabbit hole goes..

How Will This Benefit Me?
  • Rewrite your past and re-craft your future.
  • Access to refined 5D thoughts and emotions.
  • Remain unaffected by the drama in the world, and fully operate from the perspective of your Higher Mind.
  • Learn to use the Rays of Creation, the Elementals, and the Power of Love to manifest effortlessly in a flow state.
  • Receive access to the Unified Field of Consciousness.
  • Begin to see with your eyes closed, and allow your manifestations to come to you.
How Do I Build It?
  • Create an intentional connection with your Soul.
  • Install sacred geometry antennas into your auric field.
  • Dissolve self-limiting habits and patterns that were imprinted upon you as a child, but were never yours.
  • Unify the chakras into wholeness, and anchor your fourth and fifth dimensional chakra systems.
  • Activate and turn on more of the brain, while altering the circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, and endocrine systems.
  • Change your DNA coding, increase your oxygen levels, and activate the hypothalamus, pineal, and pituitary glands.
  • Unify the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself, balancing your brain’s hemispheres.

Tools You Will Learn
  • The Rays of Creation
  • Sacred Geometries
  • The Living Words
  • The Eye of Horus
  • The Elementals
  • Color Codes
  • The Triads