My Story

Ascension Alchemist

I am a personal development advisor to cultural engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and spiritual seekers. Through my extensive understanding of consciousness mechanics, I quickly explore and reveal the negative programming that is attracting undesirable experiences. I then teach and use energy tools to transform those negative effects into positive ones. 
I have studied consciousness mechanics for over a decade with world reknowned teachers like Mastering Alchemy, Bashar, Godfré Ray King, and most importantly my own inner guidance. I've held workshops in Los Angeles at The Love Dome, RA MA Institute, The Aura Shop, The BE Hive, and co-hosted over 75 meditation circles with The Rise.
Over the years I have learned people don't need to be saved or rescued, people need knowledge of their own power, and how to access it.
To find out more about the work we can do together, email me your questions on the contact page or schedule a personal session with me by clicking below.
Rick Rubin & Maksim Presence
Kendrick Lamar and Maksim Presence
Maksim Presence and Kid Cudi
Maksim Presence, Common, and Tibs
Nassim Haramein and Maksim Presence
Maksim Presence and Alex Grey
David Wilcock and Maksim Presence
UJ Ramdas, Maksim, & Mattias Ribbing
Maksim Presence and Jim Self
Joan Walker and Maksim Presence
No I.D., Maksim, & James Fauntleroy

Creative Projects

I Am the creator of Indigo Minute, a positive text reminder.

I write and text a daily inspirational message to a large list

of subscribers at 3:33pm. The intention of these messages is two-fold: 1. Reconnect you to your Mighty Magic Presence, your True Authentic Self. 2. Unify the Indigo Children to change the world through positive unified intention.

I Am the co-founder of Gowhere You Love, a creative collective, digital blog, and video production house for urban entertainment. Together we have supported thousands of artists and millions of fans to "Gowhere You Love".

I Am a group leader for The Rise. 

We are a spiritual empowerment community of 1,000+ cultural engineers. Each month we come together to expand our consciousness, share our gifts, and support each other on our respective missions. Your tribe awaits!